Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sweet Saturday - Stop and Shop

Shopping aka retail theraphy is an activity that could be fun but sometimes stressful.  The good thing about being retired is when you could shop early in the day without the crowd.  This is the perfect time for me to go shopping as I can really look for great deals.  Last Thursday since it was raining there was only one decision to make - go inside a store.  So here's what I bought, a pair of summer shorts for $2.60 regularly priced at $26 and the other item is a navy blue purse for $4.05 regularly priced at $54.  Then the next day, I had to get some sewing supplies in order to use my coupon.  I happen to have a 15% coupon for Kohl's so I thought I should stop by.  This time I bought a whole outfit plus sandal for $22.

I have been looking for a replacement for my old one and I am so glad I waited.  Regular $45 bought for $6

Part of my birthday outfit for next year. JLo pair of shorts Regular $44 bought it for $6
Almost forgot to feature my new car accessory which helps me find my car in the parking lot.
Jeff and I had breakfast at Jack in the Box last week and when he picked up our order, this was his surprise for me.
Jack in the box - Nutcracker

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