Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sightseeing Sunday - Sunny day trip

It has been a while since Jeff and I took a day off during the weekend to do a day trip.  Yesterday was that day.  We did not really have anything planned, we just said we will WING it.  Although we took a quick look at a map to see which direction we will head out.  It seems like going South was the way to go.  While looking for the downtown area, we saw a small market and we ended up buying some different kinds of wine that were reasonably priced. The names are Wild Hare (Cabernet), Pink Truck (pink wine) and Hey Mambo Kinky Pink (Rose).

Our second stop was a small quaint town called San Juan Bautista.  This is one of the many missions which is part of the historical California.  Downtown area was filled with old building and the stores were mainly Antiques and Collectibles.  It is also a pit stop (lunch break) for a lot of the bikers as it's on route to some of the scenic coastal towns.  We walked around and checked out some of the stores and the most interesting one is the Clock store.  The owner was so friendly and showed a lot of the pieces that he restored.  The variety of clocks is so amazing from Cuckoo, grandfather, alarms, cute animal clocks and of course musical ones that plays a different music every hour and clocks opening to a different scene.  The prices vary from $5 to $2000.  One kind of music clock plays only Beatles tunes and this what Jeff and I really liked but it was a bit expensive.  All of a sudden my stomach started growling so we head down to the end part of the main street where a burger joint called JJ's burger.  The outdoor seating was starting to fill up so is the line up.  We decided to split the "BIKER BURGER" which has one patty, cheese, grilled onions, ortega chili on a french roll.  The meal came with Garlic Fries.  For our drink we decided to have a half and half (Vanilla and Kona Coffee) milkshake.  Our lunch arrived already split and everything was yummy.  The sky was blue and the temperature was just right.  It was time to head out to the next town.

Watsonville and Freedom was our next destination.  Nothing special but we drove to their downtown area and while trying to find the highway One, I saw a KMart store.  Since I have not been to one in a very long time, we decided to check it out.  In the end I found a box of golf balls (pink and white) and a package of wedge sponges.

It was still a very nice day that we continued driving towards Capitola.  This is a similar town to Santa Cruz but a bit upscale.  We walked around the streets towards the beach and end up in a pub to have a beer.  One store we stopped by was a Cupcake store and I am sorry that I forgot to take photos because their variety of cupcakes was so delicious but too sweet for me.

That's it for our weekend.  I hope that everyone is having a great one and took the time to really enjoy what's left of the weekend.

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