Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Worth it Wednesday - Two Club Event

Every year the guys from Jeff's work holds a golf tournament.  This is not a regular golf tournament because the #1 rule is that you can only use TWO and only TWO club from your bag.  At the beginning you will let your team know which two clubs you are using.  This event is held at the Sunken Garden Golf Course which is only a 9-hole course.  For this year, they have appointed me to organize it because all the participants are working and of course I am not.  The other thing that makes this special is that I am the only female included in this event.  It sort of reminds me of the One of a kind tennis tournament that we have in Mississauga every summer.  It's one of a kind because there's only one female and the rest of the players are male.  I believe that they still have this tournament but it's not one of a kind anymore because they have added a few more female players.  Sorry, got side track there.  This golf event will be held in a couple of weeks and I have started some of the leg work. As the course does not have any restaurant on site, I might have to look after the refreshments for after golf.  Because I have to bring both drinks and appetizers to the location, I have to think of some appetizers that are easy to serve without the need of warming, etc.  It might end up being chips, salsa and maybe pretzels.  Almost forgot, the player with the lowest score wins and I believe there is a second place winner too.  I kinda doubt I have a chance because some of the guys are really great golfers.
I know that this is the favorite of the guys because it's also available during poker games.

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