Thursday, October 25, 2012

Truthful Thursday - It pays to have a geeky hubby

When your hubby makes your house chores very easy to complete, you won't mind doing them over and over again.  If you remember from another post, Jeff got me an assistant for when I clean floors.  Consuelo has been very helpful and does a great job which makes my job easier.  After she sweeps then I can take my mop and special solution to clean and shine our hardwood floors.  She also vacuums the bathroom floors before I mop it.  Now it take less time to clean all the floors.
Introducing my new assistant CONSUELO

Yesterday when I came home, there was a package waiting at the door.  It was addressed to Jeff so I brought it inside the house.  I always get excited when we get a package because I never know what's inside the box.  As soon as he gets home, I immediately ask him to open the box and to my surprise, he bought another assistant for me.  A Panasonic Cordless Iron.
The old iron was getting a little annoying because Jeff had to replace the cord twice.  I guess I was complaining more than usual therefore it was time to keep me quiet.  Check out my new toy.

It comes in this very cute case with a little handle like a small purse.
This is how it sits on the charging base.
It almost looks like a small robot, very light and it's multi-directional with powerful steam
I wanted to share more of my flower arrangements that I've done during the weekend.

 This arrangement is located in our guest bathroom.

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  1. That's a really cool iron. I am going to try it when I am at your house next time. It's probably a good idea to invest in a good iron since we like ironing so much.