Thursday, October 11, 2012

Truthful Thursday - Name that LOGO

What are your secrets or tips when it comes to falling asleep?  Jeff use to call me "PON=Princess of Nap" because I was able to take naps or fall asleep just like that.  I am guessing that since retirement, I go to bed later and wake later unless I have an appointment or going one of my volunteer days.  Back in the days when I was working, I would do my laundry right after work.  The process was a bit funny because in the apartment where we lived, we had to go to the second floor where the laundry room was located.  I would start with loading the washer and then return to our apartment and take a nap.  After 45 minutes I would wake up and go back to the laundry room to transfer clothes from washer to dryer, go back upstairs, return to the my nap and wake up an hour later just in time to pick up the clothes from the dryer.  I am not really sure how I trained to perfectly time it but it did work.  Now a days, it takes a bit more time to fall asleep at night.  Sometimes I read a book from my Kindle or play a game on Jeff's Kindle Fire.  I started with Angry Birds, Crossword Lite, IQ quiz, Sneezies and the latest addiction is the Logo Quiz.  One time I stayed up until 3:00 am because I was doing so well earning points and hints.  Then I discovered that the answers can be found at LOGOSQUIZNow it does not seem that exciting and I might have to find a new game to help me fall asleep.

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