Monday, October 15, 2012

Maid Monday - My new assistant

Introducing my new cleaning assistant.  The brand name is called NEATO but Jeff gave it a new name, CONSUELO.  She arrived on Friday and after charging for three hours we gave it a try.  I am very happy to have her assist me in my housekeeping chores.  It's not that I am incompetent or so busy that I cannot do the sweeping and mopping of the floors.  The main reason is that Jeff loves geeky toys and this all new robotic .vacuum just one of them.

So far it has completed cleaning the three bedrooms and two bathrooms as well as our living room and dining/kitchen area.  Consuelo starts mapping out the area and then starts in the middle of the room and ends in the same spot where Jeff puts her.  There was only two places it got stuck, in front of the book shelf and the other is in front of the fireplace.  The solution, Jeff placed a boundary strip that came with the package.  It's like a magnetic strip that you tape on the floor so that the sensor knows not to enter.  What is nice about it is that we could be downstairs and it will do all of the upstairs or vice versa.  It will also do it while we are away as long as we clear some of the items that we think might interfere with Consuelo's cleaning.  Now all I have to do is mop with the special solution for our hardwood  and the bathroom floors.  She is definitely a keeper.

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