Friday, October 19, 2012

Facture Friday - The more you do the better you get

It has been at least three weeks since I have been sewing all these different projects.  Each time I finish a bunch I end up cutting more fabrics to make more things.  I am thinking that since Christmas is only a couple of months away it is probably best to keep sewing and maybe I can sell them to some of my friends for Christmas gifts.  The other way is to follow my daughter's suggestion and take them to the Flea Market when they have a free day to have a booth to sell your stuff.  Another way is to take them to some of the ladies at the place I volunteer during the first week of December.  So far here's what I have in my inventory.

  • 25 Fabric Wallets
  • 29 Business Card/Credit Card Holder
  • 6 Cloth wipes for glasses/cell phone or computer screen
  • 10 Cell phone holder (variety of sizes)
  • 4 Earbud case
  • 1 Reading glasses case
This is my Pink Flowers Set

This is my version of the Patriotic Set that was a Thank You Give Away

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