Friday, October 5, 2012

Fitting Friday - Very comfy fit

When I see a pair of jeans that is different, I cannot help but check it out.  Last night Jeff and I stopped by Kohl's so I can use my coupon that was going to expire on Saturday.  We wanted to get a different flavor K-cups but unfortunately they did not have anything new.  Going around the store trying to find something that we really needed was useless because we don't need anything.  But I did not want to waste the coupon so I told Jeff just to get a T-shirt.  I tried checking the shoe section and there was nothing special.  After Jeff checked out and we are almost to the exit door, I noticed a pair of stripped jeans on the sale rack.  A part of me said, I don't need a new jeans, but it was very American so I decided to check out the price.  Regular $68 and on sale for $4.80.  Guess what, it was my size and I did my trick to check if it will fit me, it did and so I bought it, and we went home happily.

Jeff said I could wear it on July 4th.

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