Sunday, October 7, 2012

Selection Sunday - Name the shop

During the past two weeks I have been trying to think of the name of my shop/store/crafts.  My SIL (son-in-law) will hopefully design the logo once I have decided what name to pick.  Even my BFF from Ottawa has given some suggestions as well as my daughter, my husband and of course my MIL.  So far here's what I have.  This is not a contest but if you happen to like any one of this maybe you can send me a comment.  
  •  BonneChance Creations (good luck)
  • Lucky's Knick Knacks
  • Baize ( some description of a fabric)
  • Forget-me-not
  • Iba-iba ( filipino word meaning special or different)
  • IBA2 (same as above)
  • Ola's ala-ala (Ola is what my step grandson calls me - means grandma. Ala-ala is the filipino word meaning to remember or memory)
  • Ola's Ooh la la (my MIL cracked up when she thought of this)
  • Marikit or Marilag ( filipino word for pretty or lovely)
  • Cranberry Portage Tresors (french word for treasures)
Today is the Canadian Thanksgiving Day so I would like to wish all my Canadian family and friends a very very happy thanksgiving day.  Although I am not celebrating it here in my new home, I still think of all the things I am thankful for.  Maybe Jeff will take me out to dinner to have our own simple celebration.  This is a long weekend for the Canadians so their celebration can extend to Monday.  

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  1. It's really up to you with what you would like. Don't rush on it, take your time because they name will have to stick for a while. But if you are asking me, I think I like the last one. It ties in with your B&B plus, everything you make, is made at CP.