Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wrongous Wednesday - Just not fair

While trying to figure out what to post today, I saw this word WRONGOUS and immediately I thought it was the perfect word for all the things that I wanted to post about.  These are unjust or wrongful things that has been collecting in my head.
  •  During the weekend while I was at Macy at Valley Fair, I saw a pair of black jeans that was on their sale rack.  Not that I needed another pair of jeans but if the price is right and it was my size, I was interesting in buying it.  There was the price check scanner so I held it to check the price.  To my surprise, it was not on sale and it shows the original price of $68.  There was also a piece of paper that had the rest of the info - USED/WORN.  Why would a store like Macy sell a pair of jeans that has been used and worn for the same exact price as if it was NEW.  It's so WRONG.
  • Yesterday on our commute home,  we noticed that there was a back up of cars on the highway that we take going home.  Jeff and I both said that there must be an accident.  We continued to crawl and there it was a car on the side of the highway, no accident, just that the car probably had some issue.  But everyone slowed down to check it out.  Later on we saw a police cruiser and a vehicle that was obviously been hit hard.  Again everyone slowed down to take a peek.  I can understand being in a traffic jam because of volume - commute hours - but when it's going smoothly and all of a sudden cars start crawling - you know the problem.  It is soooooh WRONG, gauckers being so interested in someone's mishap.  They should just keep their eyes on the road and maybe say a little prayer that the driver or passengers are OK.
  • After meeting new people who are interested in either golf, tennis or going for lunch or getting together after exchanging phone numbers.  Usually I will give them a couple of chances then I just move on.  It's too bad that some people have to pretend that they are interested but in reality are not.  It's unjust and wrong.
But as the expression Life is not fair, well it's just not fair, and we all just have to live it and go on.

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