Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Trying Tuesday - What I do to cope

Third day of feeling sad and almost missed my blog for today.  I know what's the reason and I am trying to snap out of it. So here's what I have done so far to try to keep busy and not think about how I feel.
  1. One load of laundry done and a basketful of clothes ironed.
  2. Changed polish for my nails and toes (Orange and black theme in time for Halloween).
  3. Called one of my BFF to share how I feel and find out how she feels and try to listen.
  4. Arrange the flowers that was given by my friend Michelle last Saturday.
  5. Mailed a package for my daughter.
  6. Mailed a birthday card for one of my BFF in Canada.
  7. Shop at Ross since Tuesday is when I get 10% senior discount.
  8. Got a few items at the grocery store.
  9. Sent a couple of email messages to long time.
  10. Called another friend who I have not spoken to for at least two years. 
After all of the above, I do feel a bit better and should start to be on the upswing. Thank you for stopping by. 

1 comment:

  1. I hope your sadness fades away soon. I'm glad you've found things to keep you busy. If I'm right on the reason why you are feeling sad, you need to smile because he would never want to see you sad :)