Thursday, January 1, 2015

Timeless Thrusday - Happy New Year

Welcome 2015 and a happy new year to all.  I am sure everyone will agree that 2014 went by just like that.  One of my BFF gave me the idea of today's post - timeless.  It's just that today did not feel like any other day.  Most of the stores were open as well as restaurants.  My daughter was surprised that I went out today to get some groceries.  The couple of shopping plazas that we passed by very busy.  What will this year bring us?  Hopefully warmer weather specially for my family and friends in the east coast.  Maybe a healthier 2015 without too many sick days, right!  That's not a lot to ask.  What will the year of the sheep bring? The sheep is the 8th sign of chinese calender.  The number 8 is suppose to be a lucky number.  Just think of what the shape of the number 8 - it's timeless, no end and no beginning.  Does this mean it's only lucky for all those born in the Year of the Sheep?  Who knows what this year will bring.  I am not making any list of resolutions nor plans because this is the year of winging it, be really spontaneous and easy going.  Wait, that's how my life is already.  Oh bother!

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