Monday, January 12, 2015

Mixture Monday - Just flowers but

Spring is only 69 more sleeps.  Yes I'm rushing it but it's because I feel for my family and friends who are experiencing cold winters.  If you have been following my blog lately, I have been posting some pretty flowers that I take each time I see them everywhere I go.  It's a constant reminding that spring will be in the air soon.  As the days get longer and I notice this more and more when we are out in the golf course.  We try to finish 18 hole each week but in order to make sure we have enough light, the guys tee's off with me on the red block.  This way it's shorter distance for the last 4 holes.  Sure enough, we are on the last tee by the time it gets dark.  Here's the latest mixture of flowers which I took this weekend in my MIL's neighborhood.

I have no clue what their names are, but I know you will agree with me that they are pretty and it makes you think and feel like spring is in the air.

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