Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Twigging Tuesday - Creative and resourceful

It was time for Jeff to trim off all the branches and twigs of our fruitless mulberry tree.  This past weekend was my day to help Jeff with yard work.  I picked up all the branches, took off the leaves that was still left, rake the leaves that was on the ground and sorted the branches according to the projects I am contemplating on doing.  There's a few photos to share so I will let you decide which item/design that you like.  I will have to do more next weekend and hopefully finish all the ideas that I have decided to make with these twigs.

My SIL asked why am I being obsessed with TWIGS and the response is I like making use of time and love being creative.  The gratification of finishing a project in a couple of days makes me feel that I have accomplished something and the items will be a conversational piece.

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