Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wondering Wednesday - My reasons and I am sticking with it

For all my dedicated followers and readers here's the reasons for not having my daily post.
  • The Australian Open began on Sunday and there's so much tennis to see.
  • My health was a little bit under the weather and still not 100 percent.
  • Last week I was on a roll and I must have ran out of ideas.
  • My favorite NFL team - Patriots just won the AFC and will be at the Superbowl XLIX
  • There was so much to catch up on housework, I had no time to be on my laptop.
Those are my excuses and I am definitely sticking to it.  Life goes on and the weather is just so nice that I need to enjoy the outdoors as well.  Thank you for stopping by and please continue to check this blog when you can.  But first enjoy whatever you are doing because that's what life is all about, being happy.

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