Sunday, January 4, 2015

Skeptical Sunday - Becoming an American

By the 5th of August this year will be my five years residency in the USA. Wow, it has been that long. What does this mean? Well, at first I thought that I needed to wait for five years in order to apply for citizenship.  When I actually checked the rules on their website, I only needed to be here for three years because I am married to a real American (Jeff was born and raised in California). Now you are probably wondering what am I waiting for.  I wanted to be sure that if I became a citizen of this country that I won't lose my Canadian Citizenship.  According to both websites, it appears that both countries allow dual citizenship.  If that is the case, than having dual citizenship would mean having the best of both worlds. There's only two benefit for becoming a US citizen, vote and no more renewing of PR card.  Medical coverage is the number one for remaining Canadian. Wait, I am still skeptical about the process which apparently doesn't take as long as it used to be. There's at least seven more months to decide where to apply or not.  Does anyone have any reason why I shouldn't?


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