Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Washerless Wednesday - Our new fixture

It is so nice to have a handy man around the house because you can get things done the same day without having to wait for an appointment.  The other benefit is that it's cheap labor because we don't have to pay anyone.  During the weekend Jeff decided that it was time to get the kitchen faucet replaced.  The good part about him is that he does read all the reviews before we go out shopping for one.  For me it's all about the looks and of course user friendly.  The store we picked is the all time favorite for most household - HOME DEPOT.  Since Jeff already have done his research it was a quick stop.  Walk the aisle, find the section and surprise - the item was in stock.  On Sunday morning after doing the dishes, he started to install the new kitchen toy and sooner than later it's all done. Ta ta da da!

It's nothing fancy but it's practical. It swivels smoothly and it has two settings and a retractable piece for directional cleaning.

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  1. Yay -good for Jeff. We've been having a similar problem!