Friday, January 23, 2015

Faulty Friday - Federer Failed

My favorite tennis player of all time Roger Federer failed to move forward to the quarter final.  It's so heart breaking to see him with so many double faults and unforced error.  Most of his matches was not an easy three set wins.  Late last night as I watch his third round match with Seppi, the non seeded Italian player, I saw how difficult for Roger to get his first serve in.  Anyway, I ended up not having a good night sleep only to hear the comments this morning over and over, how he lost the match.  Most of the commentators who were previously tennis stars could not believe what happened to Roger's game.  I am sure Roger just wants to go home and spend time with his family.  There's three more big events and he will come back fresh and ready to win more.  I am a big fan and have been faithful, win or lose.  He is like a son to me, born the same month and same year as my Gino.  As a mother, you want to see your son succeed in whatever he wants to achieve.  I wish him good luck and great health for 2015.  RF, you will always be the greatest tennis player of all time.  By the way I love his bright green shirt, which reminds me of my son's favorite color.

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