Saturday, January 3, 2015

Second hand Saturday - A new clock

Many years ago, my uncle gave me a clock that is so different and it has always been a topic of conversation when guests arrived at our B&B.  Lately the clock is not keeping time even after changing batteries.  Jeff decided to take a chance to open the clock and see what the real problem is.  The clock face is made of paper and it seems like the glue is making the paper a little more uneven therefore causing the second hand to stick as well as the hour and minute hand.  After taking the paper off, the clock actually keeps time and that's when my creative idea comes in.  I used one of the pages of my 2014 calendar and cut out the same exact pattern using the old paper.  Then I used some of the letters and numbers from my scrapbooking collections to add something to bring out the pattern I picked. This was the perfect to make a new one for the New Year.  Here's the before and after photo.


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