Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sweet and Sour Sunday - Citrus time

The oranges and lemons were calling me to pick them from the tree.  We stopped by my MIL's home to help her take some of the fruits that are ready.  It's a little exciting trying to pick the best ones first, then the ones that were hanging lower and Jeff takes care of the ones that were way too high.  I couldn't believe how many oranges and lemons were ready.  If you remember my other post, I made a couple of batch of marmalades already.  Maybe I'll makes some lemon bread, lemon bars, orange cupcakes and whatever else I can make.  This years oranges are really sweet and juice while the lemons are really sour.  It's nice to have them without paying for them.  Each year I look forward to orange picking at my MIL's backyard.  Of course, I remembered to take some photos.

I only picked 7 lemons.
There is at least the same amount left on the tree.
Jeff and I made these orange cupcakes with orange glaze and walnuts.

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