Friday, January 16, 2015

Faithful Friday - NEP at AFC

This weekend is like the opening act of a big concert.  The concert is Superbowl XLIX which will be on February 1 and it will be another exciting event.  Patriots vs Colts for the AFC while the Seahawks and Packers battle for the NFC title.  But before I get excited about the big event, my Patriots need to win the AFC title in order to attend the concert.  If you remember a couple of my post, I have all the things I need for this Sunday game.  I will wear my hat, scarf, pin, belt and drink from my patriots mug.  Almost forgot, I have to wear my T-shirt with my blue comfy pants with red ribbons on the back.  During the game, I get very nervous and sometimes Jeff has to talk about a particular play to distract me.  Because we record the game so we can watch it without commercials, we are usually about half an hour behind live scores. Except for the Superbowl which we have to watch LIVE, we have to check out the expensive commercials. My friends ask me why I picked the Patriots as my team since we really don't have NFL in Canada.  The story goes back all the way to 2001 when my co-worker was running a weekly football pool.  I was told that I had to pick my team and then pick winners for each of the week.  That's when I started looking at all the teams and decide.  It would look at their colors, logo and the name.  When I say "New England Patriots", it was so cool.  Red, white and blue are perfect colors.  Their logo is kinda like Paul Revere's hat. That is my story and I am sticking to it.  As you know the Patriots have three Superbowl wins and seven AFC championship.  Good luck to my Patriots and hope that you'll be the headline of Superbowl XLIX.

NFL New England Patriots

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