Thursday, January 22, 2015

Trimming Thursday - Bangs again

Bangs, no bangs, bangs again.  It's funny how this dilemma is experienced by a lot of women.  When one decides to grow out the bangs, there is that time when it is annoying because it pokes you in the eye or you couldn't style it.  This is my recent experience and last night I decide to deal with it and trim my bangs.  Usually I do a pretty good job trimming my own, but last night, I made it a little shorter than how I usually do it and it was more blunt instead of layered.  Now I have to make sure I dry it properly otherwise it will be hidden under my hat.  I have been contemplating on having a good hair cut to make my hair look healthier.  It's growing too long and I am feeling that maybe I am too old for this long style.  Maybe I should go back to my regular stylist Kevin.  Maybe he can give me that newer or more stylish hair for someone my age.  I was going to take a selfie of my bangs but I am too embarrassed  to show it.  The blessing is that my hair grows fast so those bangs will be the right length in a week.  
My bangs is very similar to this. LOL

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