Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Wakeful Wednesday - Stop playing the game

I am blaming it to the Kindle Fire.  During the day, I don't think of playing the games on Kindle but I don't understand why I like playing before going to sleep.  When I was having difficulty sleeping, I use it to make my eyes tired and it did help for a while.  There was a time when Jeff made the rule that there is no games allowed in bed.  Well, you know that only lasted for one day.  Sometimes I don't need it but other nights, I would play only for half an hour, then sometimes an hour.  The bad part is that sometimes it actually keeps my mind so active that I stay more awake.  Of course I will be so tired in the morning and will sleep in until 900 am.  It's good that I am retired because I would never get to work on time.  I am sure it's the same as those people who are on other social media.  If I start playing the games longer and keeping me awake, Jeff might reinstate the rule.  We don't have a TV in our bedroom because it's suppose to keep you awake.  I agree with Jeff on this.  Here's some of my favorite games on Kindle and my phone.

for the kindle word search free games for kindle 3بازی نجات عطسه ها با Sneezies v1.1.3 اندروید

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