Monday, January 26, 2015

Meaningful Monday - Quotes

Finally the last crafty item from the twig collection was completed.  All the mirrors have been hung and I finally found the quotation that I wanted.  I bought the frame really cheap from Big Lots.  Jeff painted it brown for me but it actually didn't matter because the twigs will be glued over it.  Last week while I was out and about with my friend Jean, we stopped by Barnes and Noble.  She was looking for some gift items for another baby shower she was co-hosting.  While looking through the books, etc.  we found a section with all kinds of quotes on a magnet, on a frame and some wooden box.  That's when I was what I was looking for.  I must have read it somewhere and thought of just making it and framing it.  But I couldn't remember the exact words.  I decided to buy it since it seemed like the perfect size for my twig frame.  It was and this is how it looks.

My new creative wall made of twigs.

This frame will end up somewhere in the living room with all the twigs decor.

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