Saturday, December 27, 2014

Snowflake Saturday - Frozen

Did I get a lot of attention just by using a creative title for this post?  Did you think we got snow in sunny California?  Well, I am sorry to disappoint you.  No snowflakes but definitely cold last night.  This is the reason why I thought about doing my nails with the Frozen theme.  I am guessing this was the favorite toy for a lot of the little girls and even big girls.  Last night when I checked my nail polish which had the Christmas theme, I noticed that the tips are chipped and of course my nail has grown.  Even if it was late, I still decided to change polish because I don't like having chipped nail polish.  My nail salon is open 24-7 so it was easy to get an appointment.  But before doing my nails, I needed to finish making my ham and beans soup.  Oh no, I forgot to take a photo of the soup and they are all frozen now.  Wait, I did remember to take a photo of my Frozen nail art. 

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