Monday, January 5, 2015

Millionaire Monday - Fridge magnets a priority

One of the things on their wish list when searching for a house was that the fridge was not stainless steel because they want to be able to display their 30 magnets which they collected through their travels.  The couple I am talking about was on the House Hunters episode.  It was a little weird that it's almost a deal breaker if they can't have a refrigerator that can't hold their magnets.  Their budget was 2.5 million as they are relocating in the LA area near Santa Monica or Venice.  A condo, an older home close to the beach and an updated home with some unplesant surroundings.  By the end of the show, they chose the condo because it was move in ready and it had the fridge that can hold all their magnets.  If you had that kind of budget for a home, what would be on your wish list?  I bet you it's not a place to hold your magnet collections.  Here's what I would do if I have a million dollar.

Tiny House 2
A tiny house located somewhere in Ontario.

A small log home somewhere in California
... King St. East,and consists of 10 units. The units range in size from
A condo for my daughter and my SIL somewhere downtown TO
2015 Ford Raptor Release Date And Review
I've always wanted a truck.

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