Wednesday, August 29, 2012

W's Wednesday - Why.What, Where, When, Who

WHY - because I don't have anything interesting to post but I did not want to miss a day.

WHAT - would you do if you ran out of things to blog? Would you miss it for a day or two or would you just write whatever you can think of that particular moment like what I did today.

WHERE - would you like to go today if you had a few extra grand of funds that you secretly put away a long time ago and just discovered it today.

WHEN - was the last time you took a day off just to do something you have been dying to do?

WHO - is the most interesting man in the world?  For me and my friends, the most interesting man in the world is Brock.  Today he will be celebrating his 51st birthday and I am sure he will be having a drink or two or maybe 10 at their regular dive bar in Brampton.
Brock, happy birthday and maybe you have many years of happy times, rounds of golf and of course the special thing that you do during the month of May.

Brock, my daughter and Sandra (awesome friend from Chicago) taken during my retirement party of 2010.

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