Thursday, August 2, 2012

Truthful Thursday - Dislike versus Hate

Lately we have been getting more and more telephone calls that are really starting to annoy us.  I think saying a hate them so much is too strong statement so I would say I am really disliking them.  My sister and my daughter have given up their land line and I guess that is the only solution to this issue.  We get calls from companies looking for Jeff's X.  She never even lived in our current address and we really don't know where she is.  We are always wondering how they got Jeff's home number and there is no communication between him and the X for over 6 years.  The rest of the callers are telemarketing selling insurance, solar panels, credit cards, cleaning supplies, you name it.  We don't answer any of them but it annoys me so much when they interrupt my naps.  Sometimes I forget to turn the ringer off and that's when there will be more calls during the afternoon.  

Do you have any suggestion on how you deal with these callers?  Do you just ignore those calls?  Have you also given up your land line and just have a cell phone? 

Does this actually works?

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  1. I hate those telemarketers too. Sometimes when the phone rings and I checked the caller ID and see that it's a telemarketer, I pick up the phone and hang up immediately. I feel bad because it's just people doing their job but it's annoying. If there really isn't a need for you to have a landline, you can consider getting rid of it. Since we got rid of it, I don't even miss it. The only time is when I am talking on my iPhone during the day on weekdays because my minutes are limited.