Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Toonie Tuesday - Only Two and under

For those who are wondering what is a TOONIE, it is the name of the Canadian two dollar coin.  Since I did not have a lot to post, my daughter suggested doing Toonie Tuesday.  Yesterday after she arrived, we went for lunch, did a little shopping, home cooked meals and then I gave her a mini pedicure and I did both my nails and toes after.  We did it at home so I am saying that only cost us both less than $2.  What else was under two dollars?  My daughter wanted to have In and Out burger because they don't have it in Toronto.  My cheese burger was $2.  While at our Oakridge Mall, I wanted her to try the snack called Roti Bun which was only $1.50 and we just split it.  I guess she was not really impressed as I was.
While shopping a Trader Joe's I found more items under $2, like my Mango Popsicle, Fig Butter and some Salsa we wanted to try with the Blue Tortilla Chips.  

Day two of my daughter's visit and we already spent yesterday out and about sharing stories, laughing and doing crazy things.  She did survive her first solo flight yesterday and I did not even need a sign when I picked her up at the airport.  We found her and she found us without using our cell phone.  She found it a little hot yesterday and hopefully the next few days will be a little cooler.  I am definitely going to enjoy every moment of her visit.



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  1. I think the best is the $2 hamburger at In-N-Out and the $1.25 tacos from the taco truck.