Monday, August 20, 2012

Maybe Monday - More Projects to Show

This past weekend was spent doing crafts with my daughter.  It was actually my daughter doing all the sewing and I just became her assistant.  I did all the cutting and a bit of ironing and she sewed each and every piece of her projects.  She completed all the Fabric Wallet that will be given to family and friends and some for her Blog give away.  She also tried making some Micro Fiber Wiping Cloth which can be used for your computer screen, cell phone, tablets and eyeglasses.  Since there was a bit of time left before we went out for dinner yesterday, she was able to make another item that I was not allowed to see until it was completed.  I am so happy that my daughter was able to do all these sewing and felt very confident using my sewing machine.  She was able to operate it, change thread, use different bobbin and fill it with other color thread.  I think she has inherited some of my skills when it comes to sewing.  Here's more photos of all the items she completed yesterday.

More Fabric Wallet - Excellent sewing - I gave her a Silver Medal
Micro Fiber Wiping Cloth - I gave her a Bronze Medal
This was the surprise project.  She did everything from cutting to sewing to ironing - GOLD.

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