Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wishful Wednesday - August birthdays

A very busy month for birthdays that is why I am posting this today so I can send one awesome birthday greetings to all my family and friends.  Until about a couple of years ago, I did not realize how many of our friends and relatives are celebrating this month.  To all of the August celebrants, I wish you many more years of happy birthdays and may all your wishes come true.
  • August 6 - Mike of Edmonton, Alberta (x brother in law)
  • August 8 - Russ of Mississauga, Ontario
  • August 14 - Becky of San Jose, CA
  • August 16 - Jeff my favorite hubby 
  • August 16 - Anjay of Oakville, Ontario (my son's best friend)
  • August 16 - Gil of San Jose, CA
  • August 18 - Lisa of San Jose, CA
  • August 25 - Tom of San Jose, CA
  • August 26 - Gino (I will always remember him on this day)
  • August 26 - Carlos of Milpitas, CA (Jeff's best friend)
  • August 26 - Marie of Burr, Saskatchewan 
  • August 26 - Allister of Toronto, Ontario
  • August 28 - Gord of Brampton, Ontario
  • August 29 - Brock of Caledon, Ontario 
I think there's enough candle for each and everyone of this month's birthday celebrants

Of course there is also the special week where I get to hang out with my favorite daughter here in San Jose.  There is only 12 more sleep and I can't wait for her arrival and spend every special moment doing the things that she loves to do, cooking for her and just enjoying her time.  I know she is a little uncomfortable travelling alone but I know that she will do very well.  Thank you Mike (SIL) for allowing your wife to take the time and visit her mom.

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