Thursday, August 16, 2012

Truthful Thursday - Spontanaeous food tasting

With my daughter visiting, we were very adventurous with our lunch, snack and dinner choices.  At first we were all set to have lunch at Ocean Blue Sushi but when I told her about the Taco Truck, she wanted to try it and so I took her to the one that everyone was raving about. It's called Tacos El Toro.  OMG, it's so tasty and as soon as the man handed my lunch, I started salivating.  There was 3 tacos pastor (BBQ pork) on my place with mild salsa and two lime wedges.  Anyway, my daughter ordered two different tacos and because it was so good, she ordered another one.  If you are ever in Sunnyvale, CA drive along El Camino Real and you can find the truck around Remington and El Camino.  Anyway, here's what it looks.

The next one is not really our lunch, it just so happen I was driving to a particular plaza and my daughter got so excited and asked me to go with her and check out this particular restaurant.  Once she got closer, took a photo and went inside, she said I really should try their chicken wings.  The person behind the counter offered to get one piece to just have a taste.  He served it in such a cute tiny square bowl and I took one bite and OMG, that has gotta be the best chicken wing ever.  I am so glad my daughter introduced me to BonChon Chicken.  I have seen it since I moved here and never thought of stopping by to check it.

Before I forget, here's a big happy birthday wish to my hubby who does not really like to make a big deal about his birthday.  I guess I will just sing at tiny tiny happy birthday song.


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