Monday, August 27, 2012

Maybe Monday - Yellow and Orange

When it comes to preparing for a trip, I am always think of what color scheme I would be wearing in order to help me pack.  This upcoming trip to Vegas, I have chosen Yellow and Orange and a neutral color like black or beige.  Of course I have to change polish to make sure it matches.  It's a great way to mix and match your outfit as well as only taking one extra foot wear.  I would usually wear a flip flop on the day of travel and then a pair of sandal for a little more dressy outfits.  The awesome thing about traveling in the summer is that you don't have to pack all those bulky clothes and jackets.  It will also be so easy to accessorize if you are only limiting your colors to two.  If you are particular with make-up, again the palette you will choose with be in accordance with your chose of color scheme.  One of my BFF travels a lot for work and I should her how to pack using the color theme.  I am so happy to see that she's now an excellent packer and her business travels has been a breeze.

Orange pants from Marshalls for $16

Lauren Conrad summer top from Kohl's for $9
Yellow purse from Ross for $8
I had to use a shimmering yellow because the brighter yellow was too thick.
Do you have a special secret when it comes to packing for travel?  Do you roll or fold?  Can you get away with a back pack for a four day trip? 

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  1. Leesh said you're an excellent packer! :) I LOVE your style! After reading her post on her trip to visit you, I can't wait for us to go shopping one day. And what a genius way to pack. I have definitely got a lot better at packing now that it's so expensive to fly with checked in baggage. I usually roll everything up as tight and little as I can so that I can keep it to just a carry on. Sometimes I'm successful, but sometimes I'm not haha I am going to try your method next time I fly!