Friday, August 3, 2012

FITBF - It's back and I am joining in

The first time I saw this Fill in the blank Friday on my daughter's blog, I thought of doing it since it seemed to cool.  Then I actually ask how she does it and then I check the link.  Since then I have been following Lauren's blog.  Some weeks ago, she was feeling a bit tired of it but today I found that it's back and so I decided to join in.  Sometimes I can't join in because it seems a little young for me.  Anyway, I hope I am doing it right.

Thank you Lauren

1.  I am proud of   the three different volunteer work I do three times a week .
2.  This weekend I will   be golfing with three guys from Jeff's work while Jeff will be working on his projects at home  .

3.  A secret dream I have is    to collect all the poems I wrote for my son and somehow make a small book as a keepsake. 

4. I can't handle    baby sitting anymore as I don't have a lot of patient and can't stand to

hear them cry for a long time. I also can't handle relatives that are users.

5. The most annoying thing in the entire world is   telemarketers both on the phone and in person. I feel bad that it's their job but sometime there's too many calls per day.


6. The most relaxing thing in the entire world is   getting a full body massage. I finally found an awesome therapist who can really release the knot and relieve any type of tightness in your body.  She even did some type of hair pulling and my head feels lighter now.

7.  I think everyone should  try to really enjoy life and don't waste time on daily drama, small stuff and people that gives you stress. After my son's death, the expression "Life's Too Short" has definitely hit home.  


  1. I can't see your answers...I was going to comment but now I can't read them.

  2. Much better! That's funny that you will be golfing with Jeff's friends while he slaves away.

    Hair pulling?!??!!?! What kind of salon did you go to? lol!