Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Timely Tuesday - Gold Star Clearance

While my daughter was visiting a couple of weeks ago, we did a bit of shopping at Kohl's using the discount cards/coupons that I received in the mail.  On one of her purchases, it happens to be the Kohl's cash back.  Since she was not going to be able to use it, she left me the paper coupon and I marked it on my calendar as a reminder to use it.  Yesterday after lunch, I thought of stopping by to see what I an get for the $10 coupon.  Since my hubby was with me, I told him I will be very quick as I know what I am looking for.  It was so timely and it must have been my lucky day because I found a really nice Jennifer Lopez sandals.  The regular price was $59.99 and I got it for $8.99 which was perfect including tax for my coupon.  You can be the judge if you think that I am very good at searching for bargains.

A very comfy sandals with soft elastic and of course a bit of glitter for Vegas.


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