Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Witty Wednesday - Not old but witty

Now what is not old but witty?  They are the 3 old guys that sort of adopted me at golf.  They are golfing Monday to Thursday and I get to join them any day I can.  I recall the first time I played with them, I brought some sweet treats.  From then on, they always look for me to join them.  After our first round, we have lunch together at the parking lot where there's lots of shade.  It's kinda like our own tail gate party with our own picnic chairs.  Now that I am part of their group, I make sure that I bring them a different sweet treats.  After lunch, we go for another round of 9 holes. Yesterday when I joined them, they were so happy to see me. I asked them if they found another lady to join them.  One of the guys answered
"we're old but we are not stupid". why would we replace you.  What they really meant was why would we replace someone who bring us treats.  When we reach the 5th hole, I had such a good shot, one of the guys said "be careful, we don't want you to hurt your baking hand".
Each one of them have a different sense of humor but all are very witty.  I have missed a week and when I returned the following week, the two guys said "Oh we missed you so much what happened?, then the other guy added, "you don't really miss her, you just missed her sweet treats!.  I love golfing with them because they are so easy going, very funny and of course very relax and just enjoying being able to golf.  While having lunch, I ask all of them if they make their own lunch.  One of them says, "we golf 4 days a week and gone most of the day, do you think we will have the guys to ask our wives to make our lunch. We might be old but we definitely are not stupid.  My old but not stupid golf buddies - Ed, Dan and Jim - thank you for adopting me in your team.

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