Saturday, August 4, 2012

Secret Saturday - Secret sharing

Secret is only a secret if you keep it to yourself.  Once you share it with someone, even just one, it is not a secret anymore, right.  But today's blog is not about me sharing you my deepest secret.  I am sharing a different kind of secret or maybe I should not even call it a secret.  Here's a few of my so called secret.
  • Secret dessert - when I was craving for Bubble Tea, I thought there was no store that sells them in our area.  Last Thursday I found a place called Heavenly Dessert and they carry so many flavors of tea and milk tea.  I guess they call it Pearl Tea instead of Bubble Tea. 
  • Secret reaction - every time my favorite tennis player - Roger Federer and Maria Sharapova are playing, I get very edgy and really excited with heart pounding. There was a time where I just wanted to fast forward so I can see who won instead of watching how Roger won. Yesterday's semi finals between Federer and Del Porto did it again. Today Sharapova meets S. Williams (I want Maria to win) and tomorrow Federer faces Murray.
  • Secret store - when I am looking for something different with a great price, I like shopping at Tuesday Morning and DD's discount.  After golf last week, I bought eight outfits and six pairs of socks for Gamble for his birthday in September. Total cost $48
  • Secret court - There are several tennis courts within five minutes of our home but when I play with my practice partner Bob, we always pick the secret court.  It is tucked away on a not so busy street behind a couple of big buildings. 
  • Secret door - this is the project the Jeff is working on in our guest room.  It is a secret door that is hidden behind a bunch of fabric frames.  The door leads to a storage room.
Can you pick which 4 square has the secret door?

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