Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Timely Tuesday - Time to go

Hi there! I'm Luckie's daughter and I have been here visiting my mom for the past eight days. I am leaving today so I offered to guest blog.  Usually when I am on vacation, the days fly by but luckily for me (and my mom), the week didn't go by quickly. When I first arrived, we went shopping almost everyday from morning until dinner and then over the weekend, we did many multiple sewing projects. Some people find a massage or baking relaxing, well, for my mom and I - ironing and sewing is relaxing for us (but we also enjoy massages too!).

If you haven't been to San Jose, it's a very laid back city. I find that NO ONE is ever working - everyone seems to be shopping. On a Monday afternoon, there is some traffic and the parking lots are full. There are lots of Mexican restaurants or food trucks to eat from and I find that the most unique and famous place to go to is Psycho Donuts. I mentioned that I did a lot of shopping and if you could see my carry on luggage, it's busting at the seams. We went to Kohl's, Ross, TJ Maxx, Gilroy Outlets, Ulta, Target, Trader Joe's, Daiso, basically all the stores we don't have in Canada.

While I was visiting, one of the days happened to be my SD's birthday (SD stands for stepdad). We ate at one of Guy Fieri's restaurants, Johnny Garlic's to celebrate. We also got to eat some delicious cupcakes made by SD's mom. I like to call her Sticker Lady and she is the nicest woman you will ever meet. She baked me tons of cookies to take home.

I want to thank my mom and SD for the hospitality at CPBB and for making my stay an enjoyable one. Their home feels like my second home. I get three meals a day (most of them home-cooked) and my laundry gets done. I really don't have to lift a finger so it's a nice way to relax when I get some time off work. We had lots of laughs and I learned the 50 states and their capitals. It's going to be hard to say good-bye but it's nice to know that hopefully I will always be welcomed back (unless I was a horrible, annoying guest).

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