Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sweaty Saturday - It's like a heatwave

If only I was skinny and young, today I would be wearing a two piece bikini the whole day.  You probably going to ask why?  The response is all about the weather.  We are experiencing some hot summer day and night.  My daughter will have a week of sunshine and very hot weather without the humidity like Toronto.  The forecast for next week is three digits but it seems to have started yesterday.  But like what I keep saying to people asking how I like living here, the same answer I give, "there's no winter, no shoveling of snow, and you can wear flip flops all year round and not to forget, play golf and tennis 300 days.  I am allowing 65 days of rain in total for the whole year.  You have to realize that I have had many many years of living in the great white NORTH.  Now I can say this life in California a reward for all the harsh winters, frozen roads, cracked lips, very dry skin and slip slidding on black ice.

Do you like hot or cold weather?  Would you rather live some where else than where you are living now?  If you are given one place to live, which place would you pick?

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