Sunday, August 26, 2012

Soulful Sunday - 31 ways to remember G

Today is Sunday.  Today my son Gino would have been 31 years old.  Today as I write this post, I am torn whether to be happy and Celebrate his birthday without him or be sad as I remember all the great memories I have of him.  Yesterday I tried to write a poem for today but I ended up with only two lines and got stuck as my heart felt the same pain on the day he passed away.  So I thought of just remembering thirty one things that are still so clear in my mind. Happy birthday Gino, may you have eternal peace in your new home.
  1. You were a good little boy who made it so easy for me to be your mom.
  2. You were a good student who made it easy for your teacher to educate you.
  3. You were a great basketball player who made me sit on the bleacher and asked me to be quiet like the other mothers.
  4. You were an awesome T-ball player and I enjoyed watching you hit a home run.
  5. You were a good little business man who saved your allowance and ask me to put your child benefit check in a higher interest savings account.
  6. You were a respectful son who never raised your voice or use inappropriate words.
  7. You were a good listener to all your friends and you only hang out with cool ones.
  8. You were a wonderful grandson who loved going to the corner store with your Lolo.
  9. You were a terrific nephew to your Tita Pinkie who loved you as her own son.
  10. You were a thoughtful brother who loved surprising your sister with nice gifts.
  11. You were an excellent friend to the "GIRLS" when you don't hesitate to take them shopping.
  12. You were a very funny guy when you do your interpretation of the "Happy Dance"
  13. You were an obedient son when you just get in your car to pick me up when I was stuck in New York after an awful re routing of flights.
  14. You were affectionate when you have a bad day and you just lay your head on my lap like a little child needing his mommy (you were 26).
  15. You were a very reliable friend who was always there for all your "BOYZ" when they need you.
  16. You were organized specially for getting all your friends together.
  17. You were never ashamed of taking your mother to the pubs that you hang out with your friends.
  18. You were very much into music although I would never encourage you to audience for American nor Canadian Idol.  I miss playing SingStar with you.
  19. You were a creative cook who loves to experiment.  I miss your roasted potatoes and the special hot dog/ketchup and rice for breakfast.
  20. You were so into the album of "Air Supply" when you were 2 years old but won't admit it later in your life.  That's how I knew that you will love music.  Vinyl, CD's, 45's and later on Itunes.
  21. You were a little sensitive when you were young and I believe it stayed with you.  I am so sorry that I asked you to return your Christmas gift to me.  I think I really hurt you.
  22. You were charismatic, loyal and kind - you kept your friends intact for almost 20 years.
  23. You were very generous even at times it might cost a little more than you can handle.
  24. You were easy going as you get along with friends of friends, extended family and co- workers.
  25. You were a supportive brother to your sister when you did a marathon Kareoke at your Tita's house. Both of you were so drunk it was very funny to watch.
  26. You were very smart when we played hide and seek, you thought it was a great place to hide in the DRYER.  A little scary for me.
  27. You were so patient when you tried teaching me how to do the running man dance move.
  28. You were so cute when you dressed up for Halloween at the age of 4 as a little Sheppard boy and when ask who you were, your response was " I am Jesus".
  29. You were very soft spoken specially when you requested that I don't go to the same dance club that you and your friends go and hang out.
  30. You were extremely honest and truthful and most of all you "Say it like it is".
  31. You were you and you did your best to leave something special in all of us. 

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