Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sinful Sunday - Sin City Review

When you get an offer for three free nights at Monte Carlo Resort and Hotel in Vegas, it's almost stupid to pass it up.  So my girlfriend KP and I decided to go since the hotel was free and Southwest had an excellent wanna get away fare.  Here's the highlight of our trip.
  • We saw the Australian Bee Gees Show at the Excalibur.  Very entertaining and we got to dance too.  Only complaint - seating arrangements were too tight and so uncomfortable.
  • We tried to see the show Human Nature at Imperial Palace last January but it was a little too expensive.  This time the cost was a little cheaper.  Like the above show, it was very entertaining and again only one complaint - seating way too tight.
  • Vacation cannot be complete without shopping.  My daughter had asked if I could stop by at this INGLOT cosmetic store.  It was so much fun checking all the new items I ended up buying an item for myself plus all the items for my daughter.
  • After watching the BeeGees Show, it was still early so we ended up walking towards Mandalay Bay and stumble on a live band called The Guilty Pleasure.  They were pretty good and their play list was all the hits from the Top Groups of the 70's and 80's.  We wanted to come back the next day but we ha bought the Human Nature tickets.
  • As for dining experience, we did not really dine at any special place.  We ate at whatever hotel we were in while cooling off.  We ended up buying a pair of sandals as the asphalt was too hot for my flip flops. 
  • During some down time, while waiting for KP to get ready, I watched the US open but I also know that I will have a lot of recorded matches to watch when I get home.

The shade of this product matches my skin perfectly.
Very comfy sandals for $15 at the store CityUSA.

Funky leggings from Forever21 for $9

My glitter pen which writes very smooth.
There are some more photo to share but I did not want to make this blog too long.  For the next couple of days I will definitely include them in my blog.  I hope everyone is enjoying their Labor Day Weekend.

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  1. those are funky leggings!

    Thanks again for picking up the Inglot stuff for me. It's a pretty cool store and it's all reasonable priced.