Friday, September 28, 2012

Family Friday - It's all about Family

A couple of days ago I received a phone call from my sister from Edmonton, Alberta.  She sounded so happy as she announced that she was able to get a booking form YEG to SJC.  Does this mean I have to start counting sleep?  Damn right.  Although there is a lot of sleep still, I can start the countdown - 49 sleeps more.  She will be visiting for almost 10 days which will be great.  I will have take some time off from my volunteers but I am sure it will approved because technically they can't say NO - because it's free.  What is even great is that she will be celebrating her first US Thanksgiving with us and the rest of the family (my MIL, Jeff's son and his family, my niece, my cousins (Jo & Becky) and maybe even Gracie.  I am not sure yet what she wants to do, but I am sure shopping will be included and maybe trying a new restaurant.  Whatever we decide to do while she is visiting I am sure that it will be special. We have a childhood friend who lives in L.A. who might try to visit. The photo below was taken a very long time ago. Our friend Lani found it and sent it to us. What I look forward to is some of her special cooking.  I might have to start dieting before she gets here so I can eat without feeling guilty.  She is my favorite sister - I only have one.

That's me with the guitar, behind me is Lani and my sister -the one with the bangs.

Last Thursday I did a little shopping for my daughter for some coffee, granola and candies.  When I do this, I always look for great deals for her.  This time I found some trouser socks which I will just keep until she visits again.  It's fun shopping for her because I already know her size, a bit of her style and colors.  Sometimes I take photos and send it asap for her to check and sometimes it is just as easy to call her.  That's so great about technology because we are miles and miles apart.  She's in the East and I am in the West but it only takes seconds to do TEXT or email.  Because of the distance and the different products we have here that are not available in Canada, I love being her personal shopper specially when I get the awesome deal and the right item for her.  She's my only daughter and she's my favorite.

Me and Leesh taken on her last visit.

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