Thursday, September 27, 2012

Truthful Thursday - Love my new phone

Two years ago I bought my first smart phone - Samsung Fascinate 3g.  I was very happy with this phone except when the battery started acting up all because I dropped the phone in the toilet last December 26.  Jeff bought me a new battery and it was a bit better that my old one but it still did not last the full day.  This week Jeff checked to see if we are all eligible to upgrade to a new phone since we are on a family plan, we decided to wait until everyone was eligible.  It was this week that we found out that we are all eligible and that the phone we wanted were in stock at the store.  Jeff and my MIL both got the Droid Razr Maxx 4G and I went with the Samsung Galaxy S III in white.  Because I love how the Samsung operates and I am more familiar since my old phone was a Samsung.  We kept our plan and you will be happy to know that I have the same number and I can call all my friends in Canada for free.  Since I have been sewing a lot lately, I decided to sew a case for my new phone.  While I was in the mood, I also made an earbud holder for my daughter. 

Ear buds holder

Smart phone case for my new GS3 below

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