Sunday, September 23, 2012

Soulful Sunday - Autumn or Fall

Do you say Fall or Autumn?  I think I like to say Autumn because it sounds more like a season.  Fall is more the verb and although it best describes the action of the leaves, Autumn is the transition between Summer and Winter.  Yesterday was the first day of Autumn and for some it's not going to be an exciting next few months.  For those who has big backyards with many trees, it will be a lot of work raking those leaves.  The only thing that is great about this season is the changing of the colors.  Living in Ontario for a number of years, we have seen some awesome Autumn.  There is an area along the highway 101 when you are going East towards Ottawa that is breathtaking when it is at the peak of the color changing.
When my mother was still alive, she always tries to visit me in Ontario during mid September to mid October.  I would take her on a road trip to Ottawa visiting friends and relatives and each time she sees the scenic colorful leaves, we would stop and take a photo.  Another place where I have seen the natural wonders of leaves changing colors was sometime in mid 90's where a friend and I drove to Vermont and stayed a some quaint Inn.  Unfortunately I cannot remember the name of the place but I remember how it looks and how serene the view from our room.  What is you favorite Autumn activity?  Is this the season you get ready for Winter?  Do you do some baking, canning, pickling, etc?  For me, I know that I will have to start wearing track pants for my tennis games at 830 in the morning.  As for Golf, I will be wearing Capri pants and maybe a little jacket.  Autumn does not mean the Flip flops will be stored, I will still wear them during the day when it's sunny.

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