Thursday, September 20, 2012

Truthful Thursday - In love with tacos

After last nights dinner, I am totally in love with my home made tacos.  I made Tacos Al Pastor with some home made salsa and a little shredded lettuce.  I pan fried the white flour tortilla until it was soft and a bit crispy.  Jeff said it was one of those tacos that you want to have more.  I made him one taco at a time so it's fresh and warm which makes it so yummy.

My own version of Tacos Al Pastor
When my daughter and her hubby visited this past April, I made my version of two different seafood tacos - Shrimp and Fish.  The shrimp was seasoned then grilled while the fish was seasoned then pan fried.  I made a cabbage and corn slaw with some citrus sauce.  I believe I got a great compliment from them.

I had to copy this photo from my daughter's blog.
The first time I tried making them, we would buy the Carne Asada already prepared at the Mexican Market.  Jeff would grill them and we would add my home made salsa and a sauce called Tequila Lime Sauce.  I first tasted this sauce while dining at a diner somewhere in Sedona, AZ.  The ingredients were simple and the waiter actually told me how to do it.  Each time we have our Canadian visitors, I would serve it for lunch or dinner.  Sorry, no photo to share because I am guessing I never took a photo as it gets eaten before I would remember to take a picture.

If I am eating out for lunch after tennis or golf, the new favorite Tacos are the ones sold by the Taco El Toro truck.  For the past three Tuesdays, I have been stopping by to get 3 different tacos for lunch (Carne Asada, Pastor and Carnitas with hot sauce).

Best Tacos and very reasonably priced - $1.25 each
Do you like tacos? If so which type is your favorite?  Do you prefer white or corn tortilla? Do you like it hot or just mild?  Where can you get the best tacos in your area?

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  1. I love tacos! Your shrimp tacos were delicious but nothing beats tacos from that taco truck you took me too! I want some NOW.