Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Which Wednesday - White or Dark

While I was away in Las Vegas, my hubby did a little shopping at Costco.  Every now and again he gets a craving for something sweet.  Actually I would like to describe him as a sweet guy who really loves sweet things.  Like me - just kidding.  He bought some raw almonds, a big bag of basmati rice (for me) and a treat for him - Dark Chocolate Almond Cluster with cherry.  I am not into dark chocolate but this clusters was so yummy.  Only 13g of carbs for two clusters.  White chocolate is what I prefer but they are usually overly sweet.  Every now and again, I would get a very small box from See's Candy.  I love their white chocolates with nuts or some fruit in the middle.

What kind of chocolate do you prefer, Milk, Dark or White?  Which fruit do you want with your chocolate?  Do you prefer Nuts if so which type of nut?

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  1. I don't really like white or dark chocolate...I prefer milk chocolate. And if I had to pick a fruit, I would choose raspberry with chocolate. As for nuts - I like almond, macadamia, brazil nut, cashew, really any type of nut goes great with chocolate.