Thursday, September 13, 2012

Truthful Thursday - Welcome G&G to CPBB

A little late posting again.  I got up a little late as well then I started getting busy. My Canadian friends Gina and Gary will be arriving shortly after lunch.  They will visit for a couple of days and then continue their California tour.  I have known Gina for almost 20 years.  We met when I was temporarily working at an office near the airport.  She was so young, very bubbly, fun, kind, loving but most of all honest and tell it like it is.  We have gone to parties, baseball tournaments (although I just cheer for them) as well as Golf tournaments. I had the opportunity to traveling with her to Costa Rica with our other BFF Rose and it was a week full of fun, laughter and special memories. This was one of those trip that I got to know her really well and she would never let anything happen to me.  We have gone through the good times and sad times and she's always there for support.  During the last couple of years prior to retirement, we worked together in the same unit and had so much fun.  One day we started singing Don't Stop Believin' by Journey and the whole office could hear us.  They were all cracking up.  When some guy would give me a hard time, she is very protective and would deal with them within seconds.  I am so glad she found the perfect match a few years ago.  She has been very happy with him and he is a very nice and kind man.  A little quiet but still fun to be with.  So Gina and Gary, welcome to our home and we hope that you will enjoy our hospitality and my home cooked meals.  I am trying a new way to serve breakfast. This was a suggestion made by my daughter during her last visit.

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