Saturday, September 8, 2012

Semi Saturday - Last weekend of tennis

This is a sign that summer is over.  All the great tennis events are done until January 2013.
Today the men's semi finals are happening but it is not as exciting for me because RF did not make it and as for the women's final tonight, I am routing for Victoria Azarenka and I am sure you know my number one reason.  Yesterday's semi finals between Victoria and Maria was more like a screaming match.  Both of them had the same high accuracy sound level if they were measuring it on a meter.  What is interesting is that during practice they were both very quiet.  One day maybe they will have a ruling that screaming too loud is a distraction and they will have a point taken each time they expel those loud Hooohooooohh.

Tomorrow's final will probably be Djokovic and Murray.  If so I will pick Djokovic to win.  In
case it's not Murray, I will still pick Djokovic to take the US Open 2012 trophy.  He is such a great athlete, player and very charming.  At the end of each match, he gives an excellent interview and most of all he does this little dance to the music of "Call me maybe" before he hits the souvenir ball to the fans.  Good luck Novak and have an awesome match whoever you will be faced.


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