Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Women Wednesday - My. Me, Mammogram

Next month is the National Breast Cancer Awareness month. This is just a reminder to anyone who reads this that might need to get a mammogram to do it soon.  Don't wait until you think you have felt something unusual.  As I am a little more organized when it comes to health matters, I already have made my appointment for this month - that's right a month earlier.  Sometimes you might not feel like getting checked because you have heard so much on how painful it is when those machine just press the sensitive part of your body.  After turning 40, I started going for the mammogram every year and I am glad I did because a lump the size of a gum ball was found on my left breast.  At that time, my doctor felt she would leave it there for six months unless something changed.  Six months later she made the decision to remove it because they could not take a small piece through the needle aspiration as my lump had a hard cover similar to the gum ball.  The surgery was booked and the lump was removed and all was good.  But I could remember those six months of just waiting to see if anything would happen and it was not easy.  At my age, I have been scheduled every two years as the results have been good.  Awareness and Education should be in your top ten list.

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