Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Willy Nilly Wednesday - All over the place

When I started my blog someone said you might ran out of words to go with your days of the week.  I guess they were right because some days I just keep the same like my Mondays are MAYBE, my Tuesdays are TIMELY, my Thursdays are TRUTHFUL, my Saturdays are SIMPLY and my Sundays are SOULFUL.  It seems that I found different words for Wednesdays and Fridays.  After almost one and a half year, I am really having difficulty thinking of a word to describe my daily post.  There are still so many words that I can use but sometimes it does not fit the blog or my topic.  That's why today is a willy nilly post.

This car was parked outside the restaurant that we went to dinner last Saturday.
Last night I made my first Summer Corn Chowder - celebrating end of Summer.
My almost perfect fabric wallet - One of the prize for my contest. Remember to enter.
A couple of snickerdoodle cookie and a Kahlua creme caramel flan
I am still taking photos of anything Chevron pattern for my daughter.

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